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Luna creeps along

The Luna Project lives. My series of thirteen instrumental pieces, each linked to a full moon, is reviving. In addition to the usual suspects – cello and bass, clarinets and other woodwinds, percussion – animal calls have entered the picture, on at least two of the pieces.

To pick up the pace, I’ve applied again to VCCA, that wonderful artists colony in Amherst, VA.

If I get in, I’ll either go while a dear friend is there making art this summer, or, if I get my second choice of timeframe, I’ll go in September, possibly the loveliest time of year to be there. Either way, I’m hoping to get three full weeks of uninterrupted work in on the Luna Project.

Wish me luck!


What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

Besides being the name of Frank Loesser’s great tune, recorded by Ella Fitzgerald among many others, that line has resonated with me for years.

Sometimes, it made me uncomfortable in the way a single person who’d rather be coupled-up will tend to feel, alone in New York City on the night so many people are out being spectacularly connected to other people. In heels. With sparkles.

Sometimes, it fills me with the sweetness of the singer’s vulnerable openness, to be so bold as to ask the question.

What am I doing this year? Going to a movie w/ my sweetheart, visiting friends, cooking at home, toasting the New Year. Nothing better.

May your new years all be more than you hope for! As someone put it to me today, “Love in action is the answer.”

Love. Action.

Don’t Look Back

I know, I know, the “end of the year” is only a construct.

And yet.

So much has happened during 2011, not just to me and my little life in Charlottesville with my husband and friends. Many challenges, some small accomplishments, some moments of peace, some arduous ‘growth experiences.’

On a larger scale, this country is in political and social upheaval, with economic instability shifting the sands beneath us all. The outcomes are uncertain, the process messy, troubling and precarious.

Worldwide, there are few beacons of sense or security in the news.

It’s the last month of the year, and I’m going to view this as a time to prepare, in these short days and dark chilly nights, for growth.


I’m on a new Holiday CD!

I’m excited to announce a new CD is out!

A Charlottesville Songwriters Christmas CD is now available for purchase this holiday season – this year, benefiting Kid Pan Alley, the songwriting program for schoolchildren. It features local Charlottesville-area songwriters and performers with music they wrote for the holiday season.

I wrote a new all-instrumental arrangement of The Snow on the Roof for this CD. It’s like sitting cozily inside a cabin the woods as the snow falls. Loved one(s) and hot beverage optional, and recommended.

This CD – with 16 tracks of holiday goodness – sells for $15.00 at local retailers including:the Artful Lodger, BFabulous Hair Salon, Charlottesville Music, Fardowner’s Restaurant, Fellini’s #9, Foods of All Nations, Greenwood Market, Heinz Musitronics, Ivy Corner Nursery, The Music Store (Ruckersville), Plan 9, SideTracks Music, the Southern, Starr Hill Brewery, and the Virginia Shop.