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portfolio people

Jeff Romano’s studio
Jeff Romano – guitar, harmonica player extraordinaire, plus an expert at engineering, editing, mixing and lots of fake accents.  In addition to creating inspired guitar parts, he did the audio engineering on my Portfolio project, and the heavy lifting on the edits and mixes as well.  Go Jeff!
John D’earth and Dawn Thompson’s website
John D’earth, trumpeter nonpareil, walked into Jeff’s studio and nailed the 6 trumpet parts on I Miss America.  What a pleasure to hear the real sounds, after only approximating them until then!
Terri Allard – singer, songwriter, rabble-rouser par excellence
I was so thrilled when Terri said she’d sing on my CD – and much more so, when I heard her voice on the songs – Snow on the Roof and Unconditional.  It’s one thing to hear in your imagination, and quite another to be in the room when it happens.  What a gorgeous voice, and what an amazing person – thank you so much!
Drummer Stuart Gunter
Stuart played on I Miss America in a way that made me write those trumpet parts!  He did this!  (He played on a lot of other songs on Portfolio, as well.)
Bob Bowen, bassist (email)
Bob Bowen is a versatile bass player who contributed a bass-case-load of talent and feeling to the Portfolio project.  He plays a beautiful old bass fiddle (rumor has it he is also skilled at bass guitar) and can adopt a zillion different musical styles.  Hey, thanks, Bob!
Cellist Andrew Gabbert
Andrew played the cello part on Kicked a Pillow, which sounded so good, I handed him parts for two other songs, and included them on the CD as well – St Lawrence Weatherand I Miss America.  Thanks, Andrew!
Robert L Smith’s Defy Recordings studio
Robert did the mastering on my Portfolio project, and a very nice job he did!  He has a full-service studio in NYC.

music you should know

Singer-songwriter Jennifer Haase
Jennifer Haase (rhymes with “classy”) is a Nebraska-born New Yorker who spends far too much time throwing words n’wit n’worries at her 6-string to see which ones stick. Often compared to a songstress combo plate of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alison Krauss, Shawn Colvin, Jewel, Nanci Griffith and most other countrified-pop folkie females, Haase will release her 2nd independent album in 2009.
Patti Witten
Patti is an award winning singer-songwriter whose songs have the poetry of folk’s Second Wave, the polish of contemporary pop like Aimee Mann or Shawn Colvin and a taste of Americana like Lucinda Williams.
Patty Ocfemia
Patty has a voice that is smoky, urgent and real, and a songwriting sensibility that is truly unique. She is a fascinating artist with tremendous potential. I expect her to be around for a long time.
-Rosanne Cash