a nice story about learning to sing

I came across a blog entry from John Stark describing how he learned to sing. The thing is, he was convinced he couldn’t do it. He had been lip-synching the National Anthem for years.

He considered himself tone-deaf. And yet he learned to sing.

This is such a good lesson to everyone. As his teacher, Hal Schaefer, explained,

“Most people can’t sing because they have psychological blocks,” Hal went on. “To sing, you have to put yourself out there. You can’t be afraid to open your mouth. Why do you think opera started in Italy? It’s because Italians are vocal. When we go to sing in front of others, we’re afraid of being criticized. We tighten our throats.”

Thanks, John Stark. I love your story.

PS You can read about Hal Schaefer and Marilyn Monroe in Stark’s article, too.

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