Words and Music by Anne M Carley © 2009

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For RB Wyatt’s movie-in-the-making, Life on the Run, about artists with day jobs, always juggling it all.

Time was, time felt infinite
Time was, we had more than we could use
Time was, we would idle it away
Time was, all that time was like an offer –
and we did not refuse

Time came, time was limited
Time came, we had spent it all before
Time came, we just couldn’t pay on time
Time came, time collected itself quickly –
made a scene and slammed the door

We went running
to a life lived on the run
springing forward, falling back
one more trip around the sun
This time

This time, time’s been revving up
This time, time is full and it is vast
This time, clocks and calendars don’t count
This time, time runs with us as we hurtle
toward the instant always just beyond our grasp

We love running
With the rushing of the breeze
With the salt and with the sweat
To a day that we can seize
This time

And we’re running
To the music of the spheres
To the sum of all the parts
Till the end of all the years
Next time

Now we’re running
For the joy of moving fast
For the thrill around the corner
For the moment that might last
This time